“Okay, I’ll just say it straight out….this place is FANTASTIC!!! My band, UNITED SOUND…had a reunion. We hadn’t performed or played together for nearly 30 years. Eddie and Porter treated us like gold. Everything we needed was there, and if I needed a plug to be moved or something switched around…it was done. We had friends and family with us and they all enjoyed the pool table, the candy, the free water, the atmosphere, and the tour of the facility at the end. Everything is comfortable and designed specifically for musicians. Highly recommend!”
– Randy Bishop

“What a gem! If you liked chocolate and found yourself at Willy Wonka’s factory…well this is kinda like that for musicians. Convenient, secure, and a good vibe. We’ve found our go to rehearsal space.”
– Timothy O’Brien

“Great set up in here. Everyone is very nice, professional, and super cool if I do say so myself. Definitely a hidden gem in Charlotte. I would recommend The Playroom to anybody looking to jam, meet new and cool people, and make awesome music.”
– Stefan Baugh

“I had a wonderful experience at The Playroom. An incredible facility packed with professional gear and services. Eddie is a great guy who treated my band with much respect and hospitality. I would return to the playroom in a heartbeat. Thank you Eddie, my fellow Oceansider!”
– Zach Kirsimae

“I really wish there was a Playroom Nashville!! There are a couple of rehearsal facilities here in Nashville, but none of them are as great as the Playroom. Eddie has given the Charlotte area a treasure, and I sure do miss it!”
– Joe Dorn

“Outstanding rehearsal and recording facilities under one roof. Loaded with hospitality, professionalism and great gear. I walked in with instruments and cables and we were ready to go. I look forward to the next time, thanks guys!”
– Matthew McClellan

“This place was fantastic. Really nice facilities and nice people. Our room was good and spacious and the equipment was well maintained.”
– Mark Eriksen

“I’ve been playing music at The Playroom for a few years now. This place is awesome! Eddy really makes you feel like a member of the community.”
– Juan Miranda

“Eddie and Brian’s hospitality was stellar! We appreciate the pro level gear and accommodations at the playroom! I highly recommend The Playhouse to anyone needing a pro level rehearsal room!”
– Jim Bolt

“Went to a recent event at the Playroom, and was very impressed by not only the studio and rehearsal facilities, but by the people themselves. I’m a people person, and Eddie and Shane were just courteous, polite, professional people. Go see them at the Playroom. They will help you get it DONE. RIGHT.”
– Daryel Tracey

“A sensational place for rehearsal. Eddie and his team are always around to help out. I’m looking forward to working in The Vault.”
– Lou Mondelli

“This place is way legit. We compared schedules and found a time slot quickly. Beautiful set up. Thanks Eddie!”
– Cameron Brown

“Eddie Z has put together a phenomenal facility that serves as a cornerstone of the Charlotte music community. The Playroom’s practice facilities provide the flexibility that musician’s schedules require in a safe, secure space that allows the creativity to be the main focus. With the addition of the Vault, their new state of the art Control Room and a world class engineer in Mark Williams, I can’t wait to hear the magic that will be created here!”
– Wes Cobb

“Amazing facility. Made us all feel like in a home and manicured environment. We got a tour of the Vault recording studio (while we were there for a sound stage rehearsal) and was just blown away.”
– Mike Null

“This place is awesome! Great vibe and Great people! Eddie is the man!”
– Steve Williard

“The playroom is easily the best rehearsal/studio space in Charlotte. It’s apparent when you walk through the door”
– Matt Wilson

“Great spot for musicians to shed and rehearse as a band. I’ve been coming to The Playroom for the better part of 7 years and I love it! Eddie is as friendly as they come and he really cares about his clients! It’s great to have a place like this locally that is designed for musicians, by musicians!!”
– Corey Gaston

“How did I forget to rate the Playroom? I rehearsed there lots of time with several acts over the years and just finished hosting a “Bass Hang” event. The facility is a staple in Charlotte and now the new studio will be too. I’ll know I’ll be back and would always recommend the Playroom to friends and colleagues.”
– Roey Haviv

“Had a great experience here. The rehearsal room and equipment was clean and high quality. The staff was attentive and professional.”
– Ty Benson

“Great and clean place for rehearsal with awesome equipment!”
– Brandon Hucks

“Without a doubt the best rehearsal space in/around Charlotte. Eddie Zee is a great guy and knows how to run his business. I’ve had rehearsal space in several other locations around the area and NONE of them come close to matching the quality environment and security Eddie provides. I love The Playroom and I love the interactions I have with Eddie and his staff.”
– Danny Candia

“I love this place! Eddie and Mark are superb and easy to work with, plus there’s top notch facilities and equipment. I can’t wait to hear my new record. Mine will be the first out of the new mixing room, The Vault! Contact the Playroom for all your rehearsing and recording needs! Big love!”
– Pam Taylor

“Most exceptional rehearsal experience. Will definitely be back!”
– Mike Huffman

“We spent a 4-day lock-in at The Playroom when we were in town with 22 young musicians. Porter and Eddie went out of their way to make sure we had what we needed to get thru some intense 8-10 hr rehearsals. We had a great time, the space was perfect for our needs and the staff were totally cool and accommodating. Highly recommended for your music-making needs! Very cool place. Lots of room options!”
– Jennifer Malone

“The Playroom has helped my bands over the years create many songs in our own personal space. It’s an awesome place to rehearse with other band’s around and never does one interfere with the other… Unless of course it’s a party night.. Thank You Eddie Zee for all you do for Local Musicians.”
– Nick Poulton

“The Playroom is the perfect place to get some serious work done for any band or individual artist. Eddie Z and his crew are always making sure the facility is in tip top shape and rehearsal ready! My band has been part of the Playroom for quite some time now and we’re always impressed! The artist resources and other amazing talent we’ve made friends with and engaged in like-minded projects, has also enhanced our experience. The Playroom is awesome!”
– Beth A. Sierra

“Everything I need to be world class and surpass all expectations, goes through Eddie Z, the owner of The Playroom in Charlotte. I call him and tell him what I need, and he contracts it out to the best in the industry. It costs, but he makes it happen quickly. I never deal with anyone other than him bud. You want anything top shelf, call Eddie : )”
-Bruce S

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