When To Get A Band Manager

The biggest mystery to artists in this industry tends to be band managers. How do you get one? What exactly are they supposed to do? How do you know if they’re a good manager?

Choosing to hire and who to hire as your manager should not be taken lightly. Your manager will be involved with many important decisions throughout your career – from music to business, and every decision in between. If you only take one thing away from this article, take this – choose a manager that has your best interests at heart and you trust implicitly.

Now, we will say that being ready for a manager and wanting a manager are two different things. To be frank – in this day in age, you (and your band) typically won’t get management unless you are able to prove to them that you are a good investment (i.e. already generating a profit).


What Does A Manager Do?

The easy answer is a manager handles all of the back-end things so you have more time to focus on your music. They will also be the first person your team goes to when there’s a problem or question.

Speaking from our experience and expertise, the business side of the music industry can be highly time-consuming and energy-draining, potentially leaving you with less time to work on your music. If we’re being honest, nothing will ever happen for you on the business side of things if you don’t work on your music.

A band manager should be thinking about the big picture and trying to fit all of the puzzle pieces together. This means creating a strategy and executing it.


Are You Ready For A Manager?

Usually, you’re ready for a band manager when you meet both of these criteria:

  1. You find it hard to keep up with both the business and the musical creation side of the industry.
  2. Managers start showing interest in you.

Now, try to stay with us on this – 9 times out 10, it’s a bad idea to go around looking for someone to manage you and your band. However, it is not a bad idea to send your music to managers and invite them out to see your shows.

You want managers to come to you. Also, your manager is typically going to get paid based on your gross income. This relates back to what we mentioned earlier about already generating a profit. But, someone that approaches you is already showing that they are willing to invest their own time in helping you grow your music career. The choice you have to make is which manager believes in your music, sees the vision you have for the future, and knows how to get you there.


What Should You Look For In A Manager?

Here few things you should look for in a great band manager –

  • You trust them
  • Their personality blends well with you (and your bands’)
  • They have experience and a plan
  • Good reputation in the music industry

You may (or may not) have other preferences and desires that you would like your band manager to have – and that’s fine. We just recommend that these be your list of non-negotiables.


Be Aware Of Red Flags

A good rule of thumb is if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You don’t want somebody who claims they’ll take your career to the very top with very little time or effort. You want someone who will work with you toward achieving your goals.

Overall, a good band manager can take you to the next level, while a bad one can hinder your career, creativity, and finances, and also drain the life out of your music career… No pressure or anything.

The Playroom will do everything possible to accommodate your music needs, no matter your experience level or genre may be. If you need space for tour rehearsal, choreography, band auditions, label showcases, video or photo shoots, or you just need somewhere to turn the volume up, The Playroom is your answer. We are an Amusement Park for Musicians and have been meeting the Southeast’s music rehearsal needs for over 3 decades.

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Hear The Benefits of Holding Your Music Rehearsals in a Professional Studio

Hear The Benefits of Holding Your Music Rehearsals in a Professional Studio

If you’re a musician, you know rehearsing is key to getting your music sounding just right. Where can you rehearse if you don’t have a lot of space in your home or you have cranky neighbors? We promise, the acoustics in your garage are terrible…sorry, not sorry. It’s just a fact. Holding your music rehearsals in a professional rehearsal space or studio has several benefits. Still, our favorite is that you will instantly sound better even without practicing.

Garage bands were great in the 70s, but if you’re serious about your music, you’ll want to find a professional rehearsal space to call home. Rehearsing in a professional space will make you sound better, LITERALLY! Garages were meant to keep cars, not act as a sound booth for your band. The concrete, metal, and other materials that make up most garages are terrible for acoustics. Chances are you don’t even realize how bad the acoustics in your garage really are until you play your music in a professional space, designed for exceptional acoustics, not for keeping the coupe out in the rain. It will be a night-and-day difference, just you wait.

Rehearsing in a professional space will also help you to focus. When you’re at home, there are always distractions that can pull your attention away from rehearsing, your spouse, your kids, your dog, your neighbors, the UPS guy or even the law. But when you’re in a professional space, it’s just you and the music. You’ll be surprised at how much faster and efficiently you can get through your music when there are no distractions. We’ve been told that the creative juices for music and lyrics just start to flow when artists and musicians walk into The Playroom. That could just be the lack of distractions or more likely, the 1000’s of artists that have been here before you. Oh, if these walls could talk…they would sing!

Rehearsing in a professional space can also help to build your confidence as a musician. When you’re at home, it’s easy to second-guess yourself and your abilities. But when you’re in a professional space, surrounded by other musicians who are working hard to perfect their craft, you’ll be inspired to do the same. You’ll push yourself harder and strive to be the best musician you can be. If you’re serious about your music, invest in a professional rehearsal space, invest in you. You and your bandmates will be glad you did.

The Playroom is North Carolina’s premier rehearsal space that caters to musicians of any level, genre, or instrument. We provide a creative and comfortable environment for bands and solo artists to rehearse, write new material, and collaborate with other musicians.

The benefits of rehearsing at The Playroom include:
-You’ll have access to professional-grade equipment and instruments (some instruments are not included in room rental fees)
-The acoustics in our rehearsal rooms are top-notch, so you can hear every detail of your music
-Our rooms are soundproofed, so you can rock out as loud as you want without disturbing the neighbors
-We have a lounge area where you can take breaks, grab a snack or drink, and socialize
-We offer discounts for block bookings and long-term rentals

Looking for a professional, comfortable, and affordable place to rehearse your music? Look no further than The Playroom, where you can take your music to the next level.

If you’re a garage band ready to leave the garage and go Grammy bound, or you’re looking for an upgrade to your rehearsal space, The Playroom has 37 rehearsal rooms with a variety of layouts and rehearsal space options. Our hourly rehearsal rooms come with a house drum kit, bass amp, monitor system, guitar amps, and an a Playroom staff member to get you started and all dialed in. Additional equipment and instruments can be rented at an additional cost. With notice, we can get you just about anything you need to rock.

Still not convinced you need a rehearsal space to take your musical hobby or career to the next level? Check out a few of our customers who have not only rehearsed at The Playroom but keep coming back week after week and year after year. We are the preferred music rehearsal space in the Southeast, for almost 50 Grammy award-winning and nominated artists, musical groups, and music acts from around the world. We are centrally located, secure, private and less than 20 minutes from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

The Playroom; an amusement park for musicians. Come play with us!

6 Tips To Help You Book Music Gigs

While everyone starts learning their instrument for a different reason, playing live in front of an audience is a goal most musicians share. Whether you’re playing covers or an original band writing your own music, the thrill of stepping out on stage is a surreal feeling. With that being said, here are 6 tips to help take you from playing in your parent’s garage to booking gigs on stage.

1. Practice. Practice. Practice.

It might seem obvious but too often artists approach bookers before they’re gig-ready. If you’re performing cover songs or your own material as a soloist or part of a band, you need to hone your craft before even thinking about performing.

In case it wasn’t already obvious, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. No pressure.

2. Make A Demo

Once you’re sounding great in the studio it’s time to make a demo. This probably goes without saying, but if you want people to listen to your demo, make it easy for them. Upload it to a platform like SoundCloud so it can be listened to on the go.

When it comes to sending your demo to industry figures, other artists, or even friends, it’s important to remember that they’re helping you out by listening to it. Try not to chase anyone for feedback too aggressively, and take constructive criticism graciously, this is how you will improve.

3. Social Media = Best Supporter

Before you’ve even played your first gig, it’s a good idea to set up at least 1 (or more) social media account(s) for your musical group, band and/or artist persona.

Even if you’re not into social media, it’s worth putting in the effort. Once you set up page(s) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or SoundCloud, you’re setting yourself up to be in a much better position at the start when interacting with other artists, promoters, labels, and venues.

4. Network

If you don’t ask, the answer will always be ‘no’ – but as you may have already guessed, that’s where networking comes in. A huge part of being an artist is connecting with other artists and industry professionals.

If you want our advice (& you probably do if you’re reading this article), we suggest you target artists and figures who operate in a similar sonic sphere to you as they’ll be able to give you more relevant advice. Also – don’t go after unreachable figures. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but Beyonce, Drake, Morgan Wallen, or Ariana Grande probably won’t reply to your Instagram DM. On the other hand, the band who you saw perform in your local pub last week probably will.

P.S. If Beyonce, Drake, Morgan Wallen, or Ariana Grande just happen to be reading this, we’d love to have you rehearse and/or record a new song or two here at The Playroom. Hit us up – HERE

Anddddd moving on…

5. Supporting Act Gigs

Every hero needs a side kick and a great way to start gigging is to get a support act slot. Go to other bands and artists’ gigs and message the acts that you love on social media because sometimes landing a support gig is as simple as asking for it. (Just keep in mind tip #4.)

6. Submit Radio Tracks

If you are not already, become familiar with the independent radio stations and hosts in your area. To be completely honest, it’s unlikely that your first-ever track sent to a radio station will work, but don’t let that discourage you from still pursuing this avenue. In fact, you could always try contacting local broadcasters directly and asking them to play your music.

Once you start booking gigs, you’ll develop a reputation as a performing artist/band and booking gigs will become easier and easier. Then before you know it, someone is doing it for you. Just remember to keep in mind the steps above and you will be playing your heart out in no time.

The Playroom will do everything possible to accommodate your music needs, no matter your experience level or genre may be. If you need space for tour rehearsal, choreography, band auditions, label showcases, video or photo shoots, or you just need somewhere to turn the volume up, The Playroom is your answer. We are an Amusement Park for Musicians and have been meeting the Southeast’s music rehearsal needs for over 3 decades.

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5 Ways To Market Your Band

“Woah, man. You and your band are awesome! You should like, be on TV or something!” – said everyone who has ever heard you play at that one small town bar in the middle of nowhere. If you’re set on making a music career for yourself, brainstorming ideas bigger than just playing in a small town bar every weekend to gain exposure is the first step. But if you haven’t thought beyond setting up an Instagram or Facebook page, this article is for you.


‘Brand’ basically means who you are as a band. It is an intangible marketing concept that helps people identify and shape their perceptions of you. Therefore, you must be able to identify concepts such as:

• What’s unique about your act?
• Which aspects of your story are the most compelling and set you apart from every other band out there?
• How will you present yourself consistently — from your onstage look, to your social media tone, to your logo, color schemes, and photos?

Think about it… If we showed you a picture of black and white full face paint- could you name that band? If you said KISS, you’d be correct. What about 4 guys walking across a crosswalk? The Beatles. And depending on when you were born, a steering wheel with big angel wings? Aerosmith.


When you’re first starting out, managing multiple social media channels can get really overwhelming. Our advice? Focus on the platform(s) where a majority of your audience is and don’t worry about not having a huge following right away. Engagement is key.

Engaging content could be anything from pictures, to videos, to livestreams, to reposting fan content. The possibilities are endless but just keep in mind that whatever you post, the internet will never forget.


Does this one even need a further explanation? Performing live has always been a reliable strategy to get new fans and market your band. We would also suggest playing charity events, fundraisers, or private events in between your music venue and bar gigs. Anytime you get an opportunity for more exposure when you’re first starting out, take it. You never know who could be watching.


Publicity is all about relationships. The press can be your best friend and your worst nightmare at the same time. Our advice is to keep a running list of any local or independent music blogs and their contact information who have covered bands similar to yours.

Aside from traditional press, seek out local podcasts for opportunities to be interviewed and share your music. Before you reach out asking to be on someone’s podcast though, make sure you know how you can add value. This way they will be more likely to respond favorably to your requests. Or if you know you’re going to be playing at an upcoming music festival, invite them to come, listen to your music, and have a good time.


The digital overload in today’s world is real. So if your plan was to share your music on one platform, hoping listeners will find it… Well… Good Luck.

Platforms like YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp can get you free exposure to promote your music online without it taking up a bunch of your time. You can also use these platforms and social media to direct listeners to your website (if you have one).

Another viable market to share your music with listeners is radio. We know what you’re thinking… “But isn’t radio basically dead?” – NO. Although radio might not be your first thought when it comes to band marketing strategies – targeting independent and college radio stations can be very effective.

The Playroom will do everything possible to accommodate your music needs, no matter your experience level or genre may be. If you need space for tour rehearsal, choreography, band auditions, label showcases, video or photo shoots, or you just need somewhere to turn the volume up, The Playroom is your answer. We are an Amusement Park for Musicians, and have been meeting the Southeast’s music rehearsal needs for nearly 3 decades.

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