When To Get A Band Manager

The biggest mystery to artists in this industry tends to be band managers. How do you get one? What exactly are they supposed to do? How do you know if they’re a good manager?

Choosing to hire and who to hire as your manager should not be taken lightly. Your manager will be involved with many important decisions throughout your career – from music to business, and every decision in between. If you only take one thing away from this article, take this – choose a manager that has your best interests at heart and you trust implicitly.

Now, we will say that being ready for a manager and wanting a manager are two different things. To be frank – in this day in age, you (and your band) typically won’t get management unless you are able to prove to them that you are a good investment (i.e. already generating a profit).


What Does A Manager Do?

The easy answer is a manager handles all of the back-end things so you have more time to focus on your music. They will also be the first person your team goes to when there’s a problem or question.

Speaking from our experience and expertise, the business side of the music industry can be highly time-consuming and energy-draining, potentially leaving you with less time to work on your music. If we’re being honest, nothing will ever happen for you on the business side of things if you don’t work on your music.

A band manager should be thinking about the big picture and trying to fit all of the puzzle pieces together. This means creating a strategy and executing it.


Are You Ready For A Manager?

Usually, you’re ready for a band manager when you meet both of these criteria:

  1. You find it hard to keep up with both the business and the musical creation side of the industry.
  2. Managers start showing interest in you.

Now, try to stay with us on this – 9 times out 10, it’s a bad idea to go around looking for someone to manage you and your band. However, it is not a bad idea to send your music to managers and invite them out to see your shows.

You want managers to come to you. Also, your manager is typically going to get paid based on your gross income. This relates back to what we mentioned earlier about already generating a profit. But, someone that approaches you is already showing that they are willing to invest their own time in helping you grow your music career. The choice you have to make is which manager believes in your music, sees the vision you have for the future, and knows how to get you there.


What Should You Look For In A Manager?

Here few things you should look for in a great band manager –

  • You trust them
  • Their personality blends well with you (and your bands’)
  • They have experience and a plan
  • Good reputation in the music industry

You may (or may not) have other preferences and desires that you would like your band manager to have – and that’s fine. We just recommend that these be your list of non-negotiables.


Be Aware Of Red Flags

A good rule of thumb is if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You don’t want somebody who claims they’ll take your career to the very top with very little time or effort. You want someone who will work with you toward achieving your goals.

Overall, a good band manager can take you to the next level, while a bad one can hinder your career, creativity, and finances, and also drain the life out of your music career… No pressure or anything.

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