5 Ways To Market Your Band

“Woah, man. You and your band are awesome! You should like, be on TV or something!” – said everyone who has ever heard you play at that one small town bar in the middle of nowhere. If you’re set on making a music career for yourself, brainstorming ideas bigger than just playing in a small town bar every weekend to gain exposure is the first step. But if you haven’t thought beyond setting up an Instagram or Facebook page, this article is for you.


‘Brand’ basically means who you are as a band. It is an intangible marketing concept that helps people identify and shape their perceptions of you. Therefore, you must be able to identify concepts such as:

• What’s unique about your act?
• Which aspects of your story are the most compelling and set you apart from every other band out there?
• How will you present yourself consistently — from your onstage look, to your social media tone, to your logo, color schemes, and photos?

Think about it… If we showed you a picture of black and white full face paint- could you name that band? If you said KISS, you’d be correct. What about 4 guys walking across a crosswalk? The Beatles. And depending on when you were born, a steering wheel with big angel wings? Aerosmith.


When you’re first starting out, managing multiple social media channels can get really overwhelming. Our advice? Focus on the platform(s) where a majority of your audience is and don’t worry about not having a huge following right away. Engagement is key.

Engaging content could be anything from pictures, to videos, to livestreams, to reposting fan content. The possibilities are endless but just keep in mind that whatever you post, the internet will never forget.


Does this one even need a further explanation? Performing live has always been a reliable strategy to get new fans and market your band. We would also suggest playing charity events, fundraisers, or private events in between your music venue and bar gigs. Anytime you get an opportunity for more exposure when you’re first starting out, take it. You never know who could be watching.


Publicity is all about relationships. The press can be your best friend and your worst nightmare at the same time. Our advice is to keep a running list of any local or independent music blogs and their contact information who have covered bands similar to yours.

Aside from traditional press, seek out local podcasts for opportunities to be interviewed and share your music. Before you reach out asking to be on someone’s podcast though, make sure you know how you can add value. This way they will be more likely to respond favorably to your requests. Or if you know you’re going to be playing at an upcoming music festival, invite them to come, listen to your music, and have a good time.


The digital overload in today’s world is real. So if your plan was to share your music on one platform, hoping listeners will find it… Well… Good Luck.

Platforms like YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp can get you free exposure to promote your music online without it taking up a bunch of your time. You can also use these platforms and social media to direct listeners to your website (if you have one).

Another viable market to share your music with listeners is radio. We know what you’re thinking… “But isn’t radio basically dead?” – NO. Although radio might not be your first thought when it comes to band marketing strategies – targeting independent and college radio stations can be very effective.

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